Post Production Week 2

Hello. For week 2 we are going to dive in to all things production sound related when producing a soundtrack for video. Included here will be production sound (where all good post sound starts) and receiving OMFs (or AAFs). The dialog track is of significant importance in this class (it always is) and I will be paying close attention to how good the dialog tracks sound on their own. Remember to do production sound on your films. If you don't, there is a good chance that you will not do well in this class. 

To the right, you should see the menu "ADV Post Week 3". You will click on each of the links in that menu and listen to each of those lectures. There will be a combination of reading, watching videos that I make, and watching external third party videos. You will later be given a quiz (probably the beginning of next week) to be completed on eclass.

Good luck!