Audio Recording II Week 3

This week we'll be exploring microphones. This is by no means a comprehensive exploration of microphones and some knowledge of the way mics work has been presupposed. I am in the process of making a more basic mic review sheet which will cover concepts such as the difference between condenser and dynamic mics, the mechanics of a mic, etc. Once this review is complete I will post it to this section. However, for now, you are responsible for the lectures to the right.

To the right under the menu labeled "Au Recording II Week 3" you'll see several links. The first one labeled "Microphones" is the lecture that I have prepared for you all. It covers some of the microphones that have become fixtures in studios the world over. These mics are also unique in that they can all be checked out and used by you all at AI. Study this sheet carefully. Soon I will give you details about the quiz you are to take over these mics on eclass. 

The second link in this menu links externally to a great web site on microphones. I highly recommend that you register with this site as it is a very fast way to get microphone specs when confronted by a mic you don't know about.