Audio Recording II Week 4

During week 4 we will begin mixing. Thus far this class has mainly focused on preparing for the recording and achieving a vision for your final product. Now it is time to record and mix your band. Once again, a focus on achieving your final goal is vital to the success of your recording sessions. You must be focused on that goal at all times during the sessions and communicate to the talent when they have strayed from that goal and how.... and also communicate to the talent how they can steer themselves back to the right direction. 

The first lecture for week 4 will be focused on this part of the recording process. 

The second lecture for week 4 will focus on Equalizers. We will cover the different parameter controls common to Equalizers and what their functions are. As usual, a quiz will go up on eclass soon. More on that later.

The third lecture for week 4 will be, believe it or not, the mid-term review.