Audio Recording II Week 5

Last week we started a discussion about signal processing and dove into Equalizers and filters... our frequency based processes. This week will continue our discussion of signal processors with an introduction to dynamics processors.

In today's modern music, the manipulation of dynamics plays a major role in the sound. Outside of classical records and jazz, dynamics processors are used to control levels, shape transients, change sounds, and the list goes on and on. We control dynamics through faders and fader automation. But when that is not enough, we control it with compression, limiting, de-essing, expansion and de-essing. 

This is not to say that all of your mixes should be compressed just because that is the modern sound. What is important is creating dynamic mixes and knowing when to have a wide and when to have a more narrow dynamic range.

We will cover compressors, gates, expanders, limiters, de-essers and all the dynamics processors you are bound to use day in and day out through your audio career.