Au Recording II Week 9

This week will be all about finalizing your mixes. I don't want you to think about this as mastering. Mastering is a whole other subject and I believe mastering to be an altogether different animal to mixing. What I am talking about here is giving your mix the final polishes before it goes on to mastering. I want you to listen to your mixes and make sure the interest level stays high throughout the entire mix. This doesn't mean everything should sound bright and excited the whole time. This can often mean that the slow soft part becomes exaggerated so that the big chorus part coming up can be that much more powerful. Most importantly, you've got to make sure that, at least one element, is leading the way in any one part of the song. When the vocals take a break, perhaps that horn section should come up a bit, or maybe those tom rolls. When the solo guitar is winding down, maybe that's a good time to ramp up that organ (pad element). With this exciting new interest added throughout the mix, it is then ready to be mastered and sold.