Assignment #4

Assignment #4: Music for short film clip


You are to build and edit the music stem for a short film that you are given.  You will be required to use production libraries or other licensed music for this film.  No music from your personal collection that you did not compose or record.  You may compose your own music and you may add your own elements to the production music you choose.


The music should match the film emotionally, ebbing and flowing right along with the on-screen action.  


You will be put in pairs (groups of three are possible upon request) to complete this assignment.  This same movie clip will be assigned to each member of the class.  Therefore, you should keep in mind that your work will be compared and graded in respect to your most talented peers. 


You will be graded on your ability to choose or create the best musical cues (cues that make sense in the film), technical skill, blending the different cues, and organization of session.


Project is worth 10 points of your final grade.