University of Arizona

I recently wrote this fun little tune for a University of Arizona spot. They asked me to get my funk on a little bit... something I was hoping someone would ask for. 


University of Arizona Spot from Ryan Peoples on Vimeo.

Birth of the Lightsaber

The Sounds of Pixar

Box Heroes

I composed, designed the sound, and mixed the video below about a local artist who creates super heroes (and the Atlanta Hawks' mascot) out of cardboard boxes. The subject matter was fun and the guys in the video have amazing energy! One of the more fun projects I've had in recent months. Check it out:

Box Heroes from Gregory Miller Pictures on Vimeo.

Sweetwater/Giving Kitchen

I did the music/audio for this Sweetwater ad. All of the profits from this particular brew's sales go directly to the truly amazing organization, The Giving Kitchen!

Second Helping IPA from SweetWater Brewery on Vimeo.

Sometimes a beer is more than a beer – it’s hope. We teamed up with The Giving Kitchen to bring you Second Helping IPA, a small-batch, short-run beer set to release in January 2014. 100% of profits from Second Helping will be donated back to amazing stuff the folks at The Giving Kitchen are doing.

To learn more about The Giving Kitchen, visit For info on the beer, hit up

Sample Rate Surprises

Below is a great article on sample rates and the pros and cons of sampling at higher rates (and at sampling at too high a rate). I was surprised a few times. Worth a read:

Cotton + Steel

This is a promo video for the company Cotton + Steel that I did the score and dialog edit for. Fun project with some truly awesome people. Enjoy!:

Cotton+Steel from Gregory Miller Pictures on Vimeo.

MS Paint Interpereted as audio data

Magnetic Resonator Piano

Selections from the New England Primer (Part 2)

Here's some video from the New England Primer performances that I did in collaboration with Matt Gilbert from way back in October:

Selections from the New England Primer video by Matt Gilbert.

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