Selections from the New England Primer (Part 1)

An interactive sound installation that I collaborated on along with the amazing gadgeteer (and probable mad genius) Matt Gilbert is up for most the month of September at Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta. If you're in the Atlanta area, come out and bang on Matt's machines... it will be unlike anything you've done.

The keyboard triggers samples from recordings of lessons from the New England Primer and manipulates the ambient sound in the room. Also included are schoolyard recordings from the Grant Park neighborhood school and samples from the 1953 instructional film for children, “How Quiet Helps Us at School”. 

Selections from the New England Primer

September 1 – October 13 interactive sound installation by Matt Gilbert in collaboration with Ryan Peoples

Visit this amazing gallery here:


The popular marketing website, Scoutmob, used an Oryx and Crake song as part of the launch for their Shoppe. Check it out here:

How Wes Anderson Soundtracks his Movies

NPR recently interviewed Randall Poster, high profile music supervisor who supervised the music for Moonrise Kingdom and previous Wes Anderson films. Click the picture below to here more:


I recently finished mastering the debut album from Atlanta artist, Andi. Click the picture below to listen to some of the work:

Campus Movie Festival

Some of my students did a film for Campus Movie Festival this quarter. They did a real good job on it and now have the chance to take the film to Hollywood for competition. They need as many Youtube hits as possible for this to happen. If you have a second, help these guys out and watch the film here:

Atlanta's Bands to Watch

My band, Oryx and Crake was recently mentioned in Paste magazine as one of Atlanta's top ten "Bands to Watch". Click the picture below to read more:

Valentine's Day Special

I'm posting this a couple of days late but I wanted to share anyway.

My wife, Rebekah, and I were recently interviewed along with a lot of other musical couples to discuss the pros and cons and otherwise of making music together as a couple. Click the picture below for the interview:

Oryx and Crake



Here is a song I recorded along with some student assistants last quarter by one of my favorite bands, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children. The name of the track is Look and it is especially significant for me, being the first time I ever was involved with a project that went straight to 2" tape.

The last time I went straight in to an analog medium was in high school with myFostex 4-track cassette recorder.


Look! by SATMC

Nation's Sound Engineers Gather To Talk About Their Ponytails

So true... Link to article from the always hilarious Onion

AUSTIN, TX—Sound engineers from around the country converged on the Hilton Garden Inn Saturday for their annual convention in which they discuss their ponytails. "It's always fun to catch up with other sound guys, just so we can swap stories about changing out bad cables, smoke cigarettes together, and see how our ponytails are," said Joe Spencer, a sound engineer from Kansas City, MO whose 11-inch ponytail was poking out the hole of his Zildjian ball cap and obscuring the tour dates on his Megadeth T-shirt. "But despite our cool jobs, it's pretty much like any other convention. We talk about new Mag-Lite innovations, see presentations on ponytail-friendly headphones, and swap tips, like how, in a pinch, you can use a mic clip as a clasp to secure your ponytail." At the close of the weekend-long event, attendees will reportedly observe a moment of silence in honor of the late Ted "Smash" Bailey, a sound engineer who had an impressive 24-incher and told Peter Gabriel to fuck off in 1983.

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