Recording the M60 Machine Gun

Read the article from here:

Dane Davis on GRM Tools

Anyone interested in sound design should, at least, be familiar with GRM Tools. I use these plug-ins for creative sound design, but also to add some interest in my music mixes... making them less static. 

Here is sound designer great, Dane Davis, talking about how he uses them:

Music ID for Scene Missing

I recently composed the music ID for the online magazine Scene Missing. Here is a link to the first episode:

Musical Dad

I was featured in Paste Magzine's Father's Day shout out along with 32 other musician dads. Click the image below to read more:

Atlanta Street Art scene Unbound

This video is for the Oryx and Crake song Unbound. It explores Atlanta's street art scene and was directed by Paste magazine A/V specialist, Max Blau:

Oryx and Crake - "Unbound" (Music Video) from Max Blau on Vimeo.

Open Your Eyes

Oryx and Crake have videos!: The first one posted below features nearly 50 Atlantans who videoed themselves during an entire typical work day using the cameras on their computers. It was built by the creative geniuses at Chronicle!

"Open Your Eyes" by Oryx and Crake from Oryx and Crake on Vimeo.

Why do pop-culture fans stop caring about new music as they get older?

The satirical news publication The Onion has a subsidiary called AV Club, where all things pop culture are discussed and dissected. This article is a conversation among two critics exploring why excitement for new music wanes as people age. Check it out here:

Experimental Instrument Maker Sung Kim

Music, Brains, and Emotions

Great NY Times article on the science of music. All drum machinists should read particularly carefully:

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