The Gamelatron

Fully robotic Gamelan documentary:

Behind the Art: Pelayo Gutierrez

I love this interview... A wonderfully poetic approach to sound design.

Also, for my production-sound averse students, I hope you'll especially take this quote to heart: 

"One essential thing that I think is the backbone for any film that I do: the production sound. If I don’t have a clean production sound is difficult to create the atmosphere because they do not hear great in harmony."

Pro Tools Course Books For Sale

I have decided to sell my Pro Tools course books. I have the books for courses 101, 110, 201, and 210P. The books are the official textbooks used to become Pro Tools 7.4 Operator certified. I would prefer to sell them in a set but am open. Let me know if any of you are interested by sending email to:

Pro Tools Operator Certification

Couch By Couch West

One of my adventures across Texas over the last several days was playing a really great dive bar called The Mink in Houston. I had only been to Houston once in my life before, when I was very young. I had fallen asleep on a family road trip and woken in Houston, the looks of which made me think we were in the middle of the apocalypse. 

One of the things that I didn't know about Houston at that time, however, was that it has some really great, hip places for music and hanging out. One of which being The Mink. We had a show there on our way back from SXSW and Matt Jarrard and I took some time shot this video there for the ever clever Couch By Couch West. The video is a little out of sync due to whatever iphone app it was shot on but still looks cool:


My band, Oryx and Crake, has a busy week ahead. We start tonight with a fantastic music festival in Savannah Georgia (of all places) called Savannah Stopover and then continue on to Austin for some South By Southwest shows... and then some. Click the picture below for a list of our "mini-tour".

Dynamic Range Day

With our culture's current obsession concerning all things related to the ongoing "loudness wars", I thought some of you may be interested in reading up on, and perhaps being supportive of, the upcoming Dynamic Range Day. Click the picture below for more:


Beatboxing with Technology

The Wiitles performed at the PULSE Art and Technology festival this past weekend where we were welcomed enthusiastically and got to meet many likeminded artists and fans. One of my favorite artists was Adam Matta, who performed with a Marcel Duchamp-inspired sculpture of a bicycle wheel, outfitted with magnetic tape which allowed him to scratch the wheel like a turntable:

Oryx and Crake in Paste

Oryx and Crake are in Paste magazine today. CLICK ME.

Oryx and Crake Autotuned

Oryx and Crake played last weekend with Ghost of The Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon's newest project). For the event I decided to do something special:


Thanks to BlueIndian for the video! Click here for a link to a live review and pictures from this show (again by Blue Indian)!

The Wiitles Rock Geekend

The Wiitles played to an enthusiastic audience in Savannah GA for the Geekend festival in November. It was a great time and the kind of thing where The Wiitles feel most at home. Below is some of the press hyping and critiquing our show:

The group will be returning there later in January to perform at the Telfair Museum for their annual PULSE technology festival. We played there last year to my favorite crowd yet which was made up mostly of... children.

Here's some writing I did about last year's event:

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