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The Books

The Books hit the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta last Sunday night. I attended and saw the best concert that I have seen in years. I expected the cleverness and the humor from The Books, but what I didn't expect was just how emotional the whole experience was. Below was one of the videos they played while performing the music that you here. Perfect:

Lego Rhythm Machine

The Wilderness Downtown

The always forward thinking band, Arcade Fire, currently have one of the coolest interactive experiences I have ever seen on the web. Try it out here:

Oryx + Crake Press

Here's some of the press surrounding my most recent production work for Oryx and Crake. The album is being released this Saturday, 8/28/10. The release party is being held at The Earl. All Atlantans who read this should come out to this show. It should be amazing.

Stomp and Stammer                            Creative Loafing

Ohmpark                                            Flagpole Magazine

Deadjournalist                                     Deadjournalist Interview

DryInk Magazine                                 WeAllWantSome        

Atlanta A-List 1                                   Atlanta A-List 2

Little Advances                                   The Blue Indian

Also, the members of Oryx and Crake and I are guest blogging all this week for Latest Disgrace. Check it out here.

There's more and I'll link to those guys as soon as I can. Definitely go to this show.

Music in New Media

The link below connects to an insightful essay about the state of music and music sales in the world of new media by Dave Allen: Allen gives good advice when calling for musicians to push boundaries or perhaps create new systems of getting music heard and sold, but does not go into any specifics. I like the idea of making events out of the music. The state of music is that it serves as part of a larger system or culture. Bands and other creative musicians have to figure out ways to sell the cultural ideas driving their music in order to make any kind of impact any more. But this advice should not only be sought after by musicians. Producers and even engineers should be cognizant that they are creating part of a larger whole and should understand the whole before recording and distributing any band’s material.


The festival where The Wiitles play in November now has it's own website:


Looks fun. The workload that has to be done between now and then completely freaks me out, but... it looks fun.


Interesting interview with one of my old professors at SCAD about all things Predator-Sound related:

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