Assignment #2


Assignment #2: Foley


You will take a short video clip and use Foley techniques to replace all of the appropriate sounds. You will be acting as an acting foley recordist/sound designer and only worrying about the SFX stem. Don’t worry about the music or dialog as that will be coming later in the quarter. 


There are places where the original sounds are either obscured by the score, or they didn’t bother to Foley some sounds at all because of the score. Treat this as though it has no score.


This project will be foley intensive and will require help.  You will be put in pairs (groups of three are possible upon request) to complete this assignment.  This same movie clip will be assigned to each member of the class.  Therefore, you should keep in mind that your work will be compared and graded in respect to your most talented peers. 


Project worth 10 points of final grade.