Assignment #5

Assignment #5: Final Mix


You will mix your group piece as a group.  Pretend that you are getting the session from your sound crew and seeing the session for the first time… you will need to be organized. 


The following is what I will be expecting to see in your sessions.  Your sessions should be consolidated to 36 tracks or less.  All regions of all three stems should be included on these 36 tracks.  The stems should be organized with SFX at the top, then Dialog, then Music.  The stems should be offset with different colors. 


At the bottom of your session, I will want to see all your Aux tracks followed by a Master Fader. 


You will be required to have at least two different reverbs and effects chains for your robot voices.


Your busses should be named in a logical way. 


Your tracks should be named in a logical way. 


Good Luck


Project worth 20 points of final grade.